Pancake Welding Hood

Welding hoods are vital pieces of equipment for every welder. The proper pancake welding hood will protect your face and eyes from the heat, light, and sparks that are produced when welding. No matter how big or small your welding projects are, you need a well-built welding hood to keep you safe. At CMR Fabrications, we have the best hoods on the market.

Our hoods offer more than just protection. We have designed and redesigned our hoods to make them as light and comfortable as possible so that they won’t restrict or distract you while you are working. Through years of painstaking effort, we have created pancake welding hoods we are proud of, and we know you will be satisfied with our excellent products.

The Strongest Materials for the Best Protection

Our goal as a business is to create the highest-quality products possible and to accomplish this goal, we use the best materials available. We choose to use carbon fiber for our hoods because it is incredibly strong and resistant to heat and chemicals while still being relatively light. Carbon fiber makes our hoods incredibly strong and effective, and they don’t weigh you down the way other materials might.

All of our hoods are also customizable, and you can choose a left or right-handed version. The eye lens can also be different shades to better match your preference and the type of welding you do. We even have a variety of colors, so you can add a personal touch to your welding hood.

The Dedication of Experienced Manufacturers

To maintain the highest quality, all of our hoods are manufactured and assembled right here in the US. Our employees are all fellow welders and fabricators who understand just how important these hoods are and how they need to be made because they also use them. We have been a pancake welding hood supplier for many years, so you can trust our hoods to protect you for many years to come.

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