Blemished Pancakes (Various Styles)



Blemished hood sale. These Pancake hoods are being sold as blemished or 2nd tier hoods, meaning they have not met our quality requirements to be sold as a regular hood. These hoods or in no way structurally compromised or have any issue with function. All of the issues are cosmetic. These are panels we have set aside over the years as we have produced them if they have not meet our standards. In this batch there will also be different material and layup types we have tried and might not have been happy with. All at a very nice 22 percent discount to you for nothing but some cosmetic blemishes. Do not sleep on this opportunity. This sale will continue only while the supplies last! We have a mix of different pancake styles. please use the drop down menu to select desired style.  (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR HOOD STYLES AND EYE-BOX TYPE). ALL BLEMISHED PRODUCT SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, OR RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

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