TRI-ARC Glove Set, The Original 3 Glove Set


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The TRI-ARC Glove Set, CMR Fabrications The first and Original creators of the 3 glove pack for left and right handed people. Most of us in this industry burn up one glove much faster than the other dude to heat or usage while the other still remains in usable condition thus leather you with a wasted glove and money when the first glove burns up faster. This TRI-ARC glove set offers you 3 gloves 1 for your right hand and 2 for your left or vise versa. This allows you to dispose of only the wore out glove while you grab the third glove to continue to get the job done. About the time the backup glove is burnt up the original glove on the right hand is ready to be retired as well. This Pack allows you to save 50 percent in gloves throughout the years and prevents a lot of waste. Yes we know this the answer everyone has been waiting for. Who doesn’t love saving money and reducing waste.

– Premium Cowgrain & Cowhide
– Side palm and Thumb reinforcements
– Seamless full grain leather forefinger for better dexterity
– Foam Fleece Lining for Insulation ( hot and cold )
– Forearm cuff reinforcement for protection
– Kevlar stitching

( Right Handed set= 1 Right glove & 2 Lefts )

( Left Handed set= 1 Left handed glove & 2 Rights )

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in


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