Welding Safety Helmet in Chicago, IL

At CMR Fabrications, now servicing businesses and communities in Chicago, IL, we are excited to provide our clients with safety equipment they can always rely on for their various projects. Whether you own a commercial welding business or want to equip yourself with reliable equipment for your personal projects, the team at CMR Fabrications can provide you with the welding safety equipment you need.

We are the original creators of the carbon fiber welding safety helmet and can offer you an affordable price so that you can enjoy your welding projects with added peace of mind. Read on to learn more about our team and our welding safety hood.

CRM Fabricators Prioritizes Safety

Using our reliable carbon fiber technology, CRM Fabricators is able to provide you with the safety and breathability you need when working on your welding projects. Our products never skimp on safety for comfort, but with our carbon fiber welding safety helmets, you can have both. And with our affordable prices, you won’t have to exceed your budget to have the safety equipment you need.

We are excited to show you how our safety helmets and hoods can help you stay safe and comfortable while you are welding. To learn more about our products and how our team can help you find the right helmet for you, call us today at (435) 233-4280.