Sugar Scoop Carbon Series


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9 in stock


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CMR Fabrications is Happy to present to you a Carbon Fiber Pipeliner For Sale.

This Hood is constructed from 100% real Carbon fiber with a gloss exterior finish. If you are ready to step up and run with the elite this hood if for you!

Hood Features:

-Classic Pipeliner shape with improve bottom half to increase head motion downwards and decrease getting hit in the collar bones. improved geometry increases strength

– Adjustable ratcheting head gear

– Lens box is capable of accepting a lens stack of up to .625″ (5/8″)

– Improved Spring Steel lens retaining spring

– 35% lighter then a traditional Fiber Metal

– Very strong construction due to the nature of Carbon Fiber

– Available with a fixed lens box or Flip-up Lens box

– Very sleek and attractive design and look!


WARNING!  This is a Carbon Fiber Welding Hood. Carbon is a conductor of electricity.  When using DO NOT allow the Welding Hood to make simultaneous contact with the stinger and material your ground lead is place on. Doing so could result in electrical shock, burns or eye injury.  Serious injury including eye injury and vision loss and possibly death may occur from misuse of this product or failure to read and heed safety warning on this label.  Read and follow all labels and any manuals included with this product or available from CMR Fabrications LLC carefully before use.  Federal and State OSHA requirements should be followed for use of this product. During the welding process, heat and radiation are released, which can cause damage to the eyes and skin. This welding hood helps protect against certain eye and face welding hazards. When wearing, your eyes are always protected against ultraviolet and infrared radiation, regardless of the shade level. To protect the rest of your body, appropriate protective clothing must also be worn. Particles and substances released during the welding process can cause allegoric skin reactions in people who are susceptible. Skin contact with the fabric component can lead to allergic reactions in people who are susceptible. The protective welding hood must only be used for welding and grinding and not for other applications. CMR Fabrications LLC assumes no liability when the welding hood is used for other purposes other than intended or with disregard for the operating instructions. The hood is suitable for all established welding procedures, excluding gas and laser welding.

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